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Professional Biography

Belguin Prosper Lumu is a renowned market intelligence and strategy expert. With his extensive expertise, Belguin helps businesses navigate the complexities of market penetration, acquisition, growth, and retention.

His expertise spans market research, competitor analysis, and data-driven insights to help business owners make informed decisions.
Prosper has worked with various business owners in helping them to kick-start ventures and revive several others struggling with market certainty in the business world.

He is a graduate in Business Administration and specializing in Marketing with a field focus on Market Intelligence & Strategy. He also holds a certification from The Open University  (UK) in Google Digital Marketing skills.  Credential ID: 4G9 B78 3GQ and he is also a member of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI Network), an initiative of the United States Department of State that was begun in 2010 by President Barack Obama. He has obtained a certification from YALI in Management strategies for people and resources.

As an expert in market intelligence & strategy, he has worked with various private, political, and government players while offering guidance and opinion on strategy, marketing, sales, public relations, research, and intelligence. 

Prosper is also an author. Among his publications include the book  "GAMES CEOs PLAY". This is a book in which he talks about the various business tactics that major leading CEOs use to raise their companies from ground zero to becoming the most sustainable brands with effective succession plans. The challenges he faced while starting his own company (Young & Free International) inspired him to dig into how successful CEOs manage the hiccups, and then he turned his findings into a book. 

He is also a business mentor with Mercy Corps under the Micro Mentor Program. Under this program, he gives free advice to young entrepreneurs from all over the world regarding startups, marketing, and business management.

Belguin Prosper Lumu, the CEO at Young and Free International

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Tech enthusiast

Prosper is very passionate about technology and gadgets.


Prosper is passionate about human rights and believes in a world of diplomacy.

Some of the Brands that have associated with Prosper.

"Personally, I do not believe that a brand should focus on just having satisfied customers but on creating raving fans. A relationship that goes beyond just having a customer. That is my focus as I help brands to enter or interact with markets." Belguin Prosper Lumu

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