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Prosper's Expertise


Prosper is experienced in defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about competitor activities, movements & products, customers or follower trends, competitor profiles, predictive behavior using complex event analysis, and any aspect of the environment needed to support executives and managers in strategic decision making of an entity, ultimately leading to the curation of better market/public/sales & Public Relations strategies or objectives.


With his expertise in market intelligence, Prosper is often hired by companies and brands to collect external data about various markets and their players. This data is helpful to companies when making decisions before entering such markets or fine-tuning their strategic direction.


His expertise in market intelligence covers the following aspects of intelligence;

  • Competitor Intelligence (gathering & analyzing intelligence on activities of competitors so as to create and improve marketing strategies)

  • Product Intelligence (gathering and analyzing intelligence on the performance of products so as to improve product development and innovation)

  • Customer Intelligence (gathering  and analyzing information on customers so as to create deeper and more effective customer relationships)

  • Sales Intelligence (gathering & analyzing intelligence on prospects and existing clients so as to maintain and create new opportunities and better sales strategies)


Prosper is also a seasoned lobbyist often hired by entities to use specialist ways to enable them to acquire favor before decision-makers in business dealings they would not have naturally acquired on their own. Prosper does lobbying in both the government and the private sector on behalf of individuals, local and foreign companies, Non-government organizations and even government and diplomatic officials to help them achieve personal and public interests.


His expertise in lobbying covers the following sectors;

  • Bid processes & aggressive takeovers 

  • Contract acquisitions & renewals 

  • Waivers and bylaw negotiations

  • And other situations on a case by case basis.


Belguin is among the select business Mentors under Mercy Corps' entrepreneurial mentorship program Micro Mentor. He interacts with a number of entrepreneurs all over the world as they share entrepreneurial challenges and come up with managerial solutions. He mentors about Start-ups, Marketing, business strategy and overall business management and development.

He has continued to mentor a number of entrepreneurs using the Micro Mentor Platform and his profile can be found by clicking here.


He also authored the book GAMES CEOs PLAY, a book in which he talks about the different techniques employed by managers to raise brands from ground zero to successful successions and succession plans. 

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