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In the eyes of sickness, a patient would not rather be anywhere other than in the hands of a loving and knowledgeable medical facility. This is what any patient desires in the face of ultimate sickness. Kisubi Hospital gave me precisely that. Here is my story.

On 26th August 2023, I was admitted to Kisubi Hospital with severe pain in the waist cutting across my right thigh/pelvic joint. I could hardly move myself. It had been quite a long time since I last got admitted or even felt really sick. I am not the kind of person who really falls sick (except for flu and cough). But this was different. However, the experience I got through this scenario made me fall in love more with each of the employees and Kisubi Hospital as an institution.

For close to two weeks I was reporting to work but in bad shape internally. However, due to the many things that my office keeps planning and running in the background being a new office that is still under setup, I had to always push myself. I reported to work with a lot of pains but deep down I knew I could manage them and, I still try to think that I did the best I could. However, some people like Mrs. Lukiza (the HR), Mrs. Josephine Kayaga Butika (the Deputy Hospital Administrator), and Madam Ruth (the PRO) often noticed that some days I was not so well but I kept assuring them I could push another day and all I did was to go for physiotherapy and muscle relaxers (Douglas a physiotherapist at Kisubi Hospital had earlier diagnosed a Sciatic nerve issue and we hoped physio and meds alone would help). In the meantime, Madam Ruth and Sr. Cecilia Najjingo (the Administrative Director) were pushing me to see a physician but I took matters slowly knowing that the physicians especially Dr. Stella Oloo were too keen to detail and would push me on sick leave (something I did not like since I had a lot on my desk). However, as advised, I still saw her, and she gave me some meds as I survived being sent on sick leave.

However, one Friday night around 2 am all pain broke loose. I failed to sleep as I was awakened by pain and I could hardly move. The only person I could think about calling that morning was Doctor Stella. As soon as she saw my call, she picked up. It did not ring more than thrice. She listened to my narration and she summarily told me to take extra painkillers. Later nothing was responsive and that is when she took it upon herself to make sure she communicated with the Saturday doctors (in lead was Dr. Eric Were) just to make sure they received me as soon as I arrived. Her greatest worry was the possibility of a blood clot due to unending pain. The pain was so much on my end that I was even sweating due to the pain. I was prompted to call Mrs. Lukiza (the HR). Knowing she was the weekend supervisor, I gave her a brief and I told her that I was literally coming in "hot" and needed help. Deep inside I know that Mrs. Lukiza being the organized person she is, would handle my situation as it comes and I felt safe that she was aware.

I would love all Kisubi Hospital staff to know that, on arrival at the Hospital, I could not get out of the car. I literally failed to get out. But I am so thankful to Mr. Ayub. Ayub was my first contact. Ayub made me feel so safe on first touch and his first words were "Mr. Prosper you are going to be fine" before he could even understand the magnitude of my condition. His first words made me feel like I had regained back healing strength. This first point of touch from Ayub made me feel how important it is what we say to patients and how safe we make them feel in our hands as medical workers when they first come to Kisubi Hospital despite their condition being scary. It is important to speak HOPE and LOVE..! Ayub did exactly that and I can testify to the effect it had on my healing journey.

As Ayub was wheeling me, Julian Akello (a front desk Administrator) came to me and much as she looked disturbed by my situation, she also assured me all was going to be well.

Now, for the first time in my life, I was wheeled into the Emergency room. Every day, I walk into this room to check on how things are moving or get reports from the various people there but I had never felt what it is like to walk in when you are the candidate. This time I felt it and I experienced it. All I can say is that at Kisubi Hospital, our ER team is really a team and a half. I send my utmost thanks to Winnie the OPD in-charge and the entire personnel that keeps working at the ER day in and day out. I wonder how many patients of different conditions you see as they come in but your brains have to quickly adjust and adapt to each patient with their fast-changing medical conditions while still under your ER care.

Winnie and the ER team received me and she (Winnie) was fast to listen to understand my situation, while carefully and swiftly attaching me to monitoring devices to capture my vitals. Dr. Phiona was also approaching. I saw more people coming like Tabo Henry (an Emergency nurse) and other doctors (including interns) and all these people surrounded me to show me that they were there to make sure I was well. The level of organization and the act of everyone knowing what to do and when to do it was a sign of great organization and I want everyone to know that this feeling made me feel safe. To you members of the Kisubi Hospital ER, if you did not know, your level of organization and the confidence you show when handling patients is part of what makes them love Kisubi Hospital. So, dear Winnie the OPD In-charge, and all ER personnel, you guys are quite a team and should just continue getting better at your passion of saving lives.

While I was in the ER, Mrs. Lukiza (the HR) also arrived and she was already aware of the condition. Dr. Eric Were was already in touch with Dr. Stella too and they were in touch with Dr. Phiona too updating each other about my condition. The doctors were discussing my vitals and signs and symptoms while Winnie and the ER team were taking my samples to the laboratory. In the background, I came to learn that Radiology was already preparing to receive me for Doppler scans and other related scans. This level of organization was just too heart-touching to me. As all this was happening, Ayub was not leaving my side. He was on standby to help with everything. His presence felt so angelic and sincere. Too too too too angelic. This is something any patient would love to experience; seeing the first person of contact stand with them through it all and being sure they have met someone at the hospital who is their watching angel. That was Ayub to me at that hour. I kept wondering how many patients he has made feel safe without even noticing it himself.

When in the ER, I thank Dr. Phiona and Winnie the in-charge for explaining to me every stage of everything that they were going to do and what they were doing and its relevance to me. Even for what would seem a mere injection, Winnie would clearly let me know that I would feel a little pain or dizzy but it would wear off. She would even explain to me why she was drawing blood from my body, what the use was for, and how long it would take to get results. Things she thought I could not get well due to pain, she explained to my attendant that I had come with. The same applies to Dr. Phiona, she would clearly explain her thoughts and discussions with Dr. Stella and Dr. Were to reassure me they were understanding the situation and getting the best course of action. Most importantly, much as the situation was tense, Dr. Phiona would explain with that amazing smile. This smile was a relief giver. It would remind me that I was in pain but all was going to be well.

Somewhere in the corner, Mrs. Lukiza (the HR) was looking at me and I could see worry on her face but she could show me that smile of "I am here for you and I am not leaving until I am sure you have all you need for as long as I am on duty." With that look on her face, I needed nothing more to worry about.

While in the ER, the medication they gave me failed to respond to my pain, something that seemed to shock everyone. This is when I heard someone talk about calling Doctor Mathius Nsimbi the surgeon. I remember someone saying that Doctor Nsimbi had left the hospital but when he heard that Prosper was the one in the ER, he said he would drive back to the hospital to attend in person rather than giving instructions on the phone. Moments later I saw Dr. Nsimbi walk to my bed and his first act was to adjust my bed height and understand my situation. I later came to learn that for the pain to go away, Dr. Nsimbi had to mix a cocktail of medicines in a single injection and then ask them to inject me. And then the selfless man Mukiibi Phillip (Head Pharmacist), had to leave the comfort of his activities and look for a special patch to be used on my body to relieve pain. I was told that Phillip together with the pharmacy team did not rest until they found the pain relievers that I needed. They focused on finding the best while Dr. Nsimbi and the ER team did their magic too. It is at this juncture that I also thank Dr. Nsimbi, Mr. Mukiibi Phillip, the entire pharmacy team, and once again all members of the ER for their tireless efforts.

While all this was happening, I understood that the Lead Radiologist (Dr. Joseph Terebu) was also online talking with the rest of the doctors and Radiology teams on the ground on the best course of action when it comes to scan. They resolved to cancel the CT scan so as to limit radiation and opt for the MRI scan which had more results to show and exposed me to close to zero radiation. These teams were making split-second decisions just to get me the best treatment options and relieve me of pain and sickness. I came to realize that the team that was working on me was not just made up of people in the hospital alone but included those who dedicated time to make conference calls to join minds together with those who were at the hospital. I have seen the teams at Kisubi Hospital go miles day in and day out for patients including conference calling each other as doctors to make split-second life-saving decisions to save lives but I now know better since I was the subject matter. The whole feeling is different when you see people go miles for you as opposed to other hospitals where they have to wait for the doctor to appear on the station or sometimes the phones are not reachable.

So, in my case, a decision was made that since I had been cleared of blood clots, I had to go for an MRI scan. Dr. Eric Were came and explained to me everything and I definitely told him I understood but I knew I could not have it instantly. It involved logistics which I knew were not readily available. Little did I know, the "Chief Logistics Officer" of the day (Mrs. Lukiza the HR) was keenly following up on developments. She silently made calls to the topmost leadership of the management and without my knowledge, the paperwork had started moving. In a few minutes, the teams came back to me and told me arrangements had been made to move me in an ambulance for MRI scans and the date and team taking me had been set. Deep down I knew that Madam Ruth, Mrs. Lukiza, Dr. Asaba, Sr. Cecilia, and other people in finance had a hand in this insidious plot of expediting my paperwork within minutes. With all these developments, I became an immediate admission case and I was told that Dr. Stella Oloo, Dr. Eric Were and Dr. Nsimbi Mathius declared me a "persona-non-grata" at home. Meaning they had left strict instructions that I was not to leave hospital premises, especially my bed until they reviewed my MRI results. So, I was officially grounded and put up for close monitoring in a private room while arrangements for a VVIP room were being made. (I have a feeling these folks knew that I was so against admission, this is because the security was really tight, and the vital monitoring was being done almost every hour. I have a feeling that this security detail had been orchestrated by Mrs. Lukiza since she always suspected that I could be discharged and return to work the following day).

However, my admission was worth it. It was so worth it that I even forgot about the pain since I had so many people visiting me. Everyone who visited me came with different stories to put a smile on my face. I got people from maintenance coming to visit me, I remember people from Housekeeping too, Oliver came with that big smile and she was jazzing me with some stories that I even struggled to keep up with due to medication. I remember seeing Mama Mande teasing me around on the compound as I was being wheeled. She got scared to visit me in the admission room since she had terrible flu but I could see she badly wanted to get close to me as I was being wheeled. However, she sent me numerous greetings and they really reached me all the time. I remember receiving a team from the theatre led by Dr. Patrick Akena (a surgeon at Kisubi Hospital). I was freaked out but he gave me hope and assurance, I remember seeing the Hospital Administrative Director (Sr. Cecilia) coming to visit me several times and reassuring me how all was going to be well, I remember Sr. Mboyire from Pastoral care, she even prayed for me. I can not forget the team from Cash led by Rose and Joanita. These two teased me that they knew the cause of my sickness and they came to give me remedies. This reminds me of Penny who came to visit me several times too but had a thing for the pumpkin seeds that I was chewing on. She gave me some tips on pumpkin seeds that I was not aware of and we joked and laughed about it all in the company of Ms. Ferister the OPD manager and Mr. Edward Zabonna the Customer Relations Officer. I also received a visit from the front desk team including Betty and Olivia, Dr. Nsereko Chris and some interns came to review me too, Dr. Kiggundu Paul also paid me an awesome visit and joked about how he should have been the one to mix my cocktail while I was in the ER hahaha. Dr. Elvis Nkalubo paid utmost attention to my stay in the hospital until discharge as I was also constantly visited by the adult ward team, especially by the in-charge Sr. Suzan.

I also remember being checked on by the Deputy Hospital administrator (Mrs. Kayaga Josephine Butika a.k.a Madam Jackie) and I can not forget Rose and the entire team from St. Padre Pio who supplied me with meals in time and in a thoughtful manner. They could even determine the menu they thought I needed and they always got it right at least as per Dr. Stella's standards I hope. I just do not know how they did it. I recall radiology paid me a visit too and it was amazing seeing Ms. Dorothy Najjuko walking in to check on me. Mr. Simeo from records also paid me a visit and when I saw him, the first thing I could think of was our Research committee plans.

I also remember Ms. Irene and Patricia from finance, when these two came in to visit me I first thought of payment requests I had that they had not yet paid out. haha haha. Instead of talking about my payment requests, they took me on a whole journey of laughter. I remember from stores, Pauline came to check on me and it was lovely with her charming smile. I also remember that the team from the ICU checked on me every day as I was in the VVIP room. Whenever I saw Mr. Mukaaya Silvester, Prossy and the rest walk in, I could feel ICU inside my room and they came with humor not defibrillators or ventilators. Madam Ruth Namutebi, other than rolling the pen for my paperwork to be expedited, also paid me a visit at least every day before and after work but I remember her plotting with Penny to take a picture of me to laugh off later when I heal. I hope that it was never shared haha hahaha. Sr. Sandra from Maternity looked sad seeing me sick but I showed her I was still strong and coming back for more marketing videos at maternity.

I also remember the day I was being wheeled in the ambulance, I remember the dedication that Mr. Gonzaga Kateregga (Head of Ambulance Drivers) and Henry Tabo (Ambulance Dispatch Nurse) showed. These guys drove me like I had no next minute and Tabo was keeping me engaged in the ambulance to make sure I was well and nothing about my condition changes. As if this was not enough, I remember even disturbing Gonzagga and Patrick Munyimbwa to always jumpstart my car that out of nowhere had got mechanical issues with the battery while I was on admission. They never hesitated to wake up and help me jump-start so that my caretakers would utilize it to go to work.

One other memorable thing I recall is that on the day I was being brought back by the ambulance from the MRI scan, I remember Doctor Robert Asaba the Medical Director, joining the ambulance team to wheel me off the ambulance. As usual, he is a very humorous guy and he cracked some jokes on me which actually woke up my nerve pain as I laughed, and because of that, I can not forget that moment because the pain was quite special haha haha. But he saw me in the ambulance and he hurried to join the ambulance team so that they could wheel me off together then he saw me off. This kind of humility, love, and care is not common and this is what I found at Kisubi Hospital. It stems from the top.

This whole atmosphere made me feel at home to the extent that even my caretakers felt I was in a safe environment and they could report to work every morning without having to worry too much. I have my father whose leg has just been amputated due to diabetes, when he learned that I was sick and admitted, his condition kind of deteriorated but the reports he got later about how at home I was with Kisubi Hospital's care, just made him feel better. I could feel the joy in his voice and relaxation when we spoke on the phone as he confirmed what the caretakers had told him about my alleged "soft life" at Kisubi Hospital with the teams of great people showing me love and care. I encouraged him to be at ease because the team at Kisubi Hospital was being what they naturally are; dedicated family to me as they have always been with each other against all odds. He sent his blessings to all staff and management via the phone.

I was discharged on 29th August 2023 and I am now home on sick leave for two weeks. Phone calls are still coming in as people check on me and the first person to check on me the next day after discharge was the internal Auditor (Mrs. Semmanda Rose), she felt so happy to hear that I was home and resting on my way to recovery. She told me, to recover so we resume the hustle. I assured her I was up for that. I have a lot of medication to take at various intervals in a single day and I have a lot of diet changes to make. I can not afford to mess it up as much as it is not simple. Every time I think of forgetting the instructions, I seem to hear Dr. Stella's voice in my ear reminding me to stay on track. She gave me several weeks before she reviewed me again for some tests. So, I have to stick to the plan.

My discharge care plan includes, physiotherapy, changing my office seat to get an ergonomic chair to avoid reoccurrence of the same problem due to work, acquiring a lumbar brace, and review from the orthopedic clinic. I am confident all this will be handled.

In light of all the above, I am confident to say that for me, there is no better hospital than Kisubi Hospital. This is not just because of my connection with the hospital, but because of what I have witnessed and experienced as a patient at Kisubi Hospital.

I have been at Kisubi Hospital, and I can attest to the fact that the way the Kisubi Hospital staff handled my case is not something new or uncommon in any way to me because I see them do these things day in and day out with great love and care to patients I see get in. But when you are a patient and you see how medical personnel are willing to go above and beyond in order to save your own life, it completely changes the way you see things. You begin to realize that their connection with patients is different from yours—this is not just about interacting with them but about saving lives as well.

I have observed how staff treat patients day in and day out, but when you experience it, it becomes different because it's not just about watching someone do something—it's about being part of something bigger than yourself and getting to know people who truly care about your well-being. This is where Kisubi Hospital officially takes the crown in my heart.

I take this opportunity to thank all the staff of Kisubi Hospital those that I have mentioned and those that I might have missed out especially due to forgetfulness of events as they happened. I thank you all for being there for me when I needed you and I hold each of you, dear staff, in high regard and you are all special in my heart. I see you all as brothers and sisters in your various offices and I love you so very much. My family especially my father and my caretakers send you greetings. I love you all more than ever.

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Mukaaya Sylvester
Mukaaya Sylvester

Wawuuu,....all has been said thanks for that eagle eye/s and appreciating the endless care and love you were shown during the struggling time for your life,....

All the best in you sick leaves and quick recovery sir ( Mr Lumu Prosper)

Mukaaya Silver


Thank you so much

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