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In this fast-evolving world, one in every 3 youths or adults wants to start up their own company or business and become a self-made CEO. It is a position assumed by many but maintained by a select few. Being CEO is one of the most desired but least understood jobs by most entrepreneurs. Understanding the roles and responsibilities that come with being a CEO is very critical for any entrepreneur.


"Games CEOs Play" is a book by Belguin Prosper Lumu the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Young and Free International Limited, a youth-supporting, market intelligence, lobbying, and technology company. This book aims at raising "the next generation of CEOs". In this book, you will learn that Great CEOs can be broken when New CEOs are born. This is called the "Next Generation of CEOs" (according to the book), and to be part of that next generation, you do not need to be younger in age. All it takes is mastering the art of being a GREAT CEO. The art involves knowing and understanding the various tactics that leading CEOs use to raise their brands from ground zero to up, and, it is these tactics that the author terms the "GAMES CEOs PLAY." 


The author has authored the book “GAMES CEOs PLAY”, with an intention of providing entrepreneurs with a deeper analysis of what being a CEO actually is, what being CEO at a youthful age means, and what it takes to become one. This book talks about different management techniques and strategies CEOs take and have taken to build core brands. It is these business strategies used by great CEOs that he calls the; “GAMES CEOs PLAY.”


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