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In recent weeks, a lot of buzz has been going on in Africa (especially in Uganda and Nigeria) about Azul Tequila.

The word on the street is that Azul Tequila is so rare and special that it's only made 100 bottles each year.

This information has spread like wildfire and led to many people believing that the tequila they've been taking in their night spots is NOT genuine. Don't worry, Africans! I am here to tell you that the Tequila you've been drinking is real—it just isn't the super-premium stuff you may have been expecting. I understand that word on the street is that Azul only makes 100 bottles of tequila per year, so if you're going out for some nightlife in Uganda or Nigeria, chances are pretty good that you'll be getting the regular stuff. If your bartender says they don't have any Azul left but they can get some more in next week (or whenever), they're probably telling the truth—but it is not as scarce as the bartender makes it look. If you look in their store, you will find cases of Azul.

So, what is the actual truth about the 100 bottles that are currently making Africans go up in arms?

First, I will need to help you understand that Azul Tequila is distilled by a company known as Clase Azul. I will not dive much into its history but as a Market Expert, I have done enough research about and I can confirm that the company is real and has a very inspiring history on how and why it manufactures Azul Tequila.

So, Clase Azul (the company) manufactures Azul (the Tequila). However, this Azul tequila has different series (or call them versions) and this is probably what most Africans are not aware of. These series of Azul include;

Clase Azul (Reposado Tequila)

Clase Azul (La Pinta)

Clase Azul (Guerrero Mezcal)

Clase Azul (Gold Edition Tequila)

Clase Azul (Anejo Tequila)..... and others.

Among all these series of Azul, there is one specific one known as Clase Azul (Ultra). It is a series of Azul that is the crown Jewel of their portfolio. It is an exquisite tequila and decanter exclusively designed for collectors around the world. Now, because it is an extremely limited edition, only 100 bottles of this series are produced each year, and exclusive collectors around the world have access to it.

The Clase Azul Ultra

This incredible liquid spends at least five years aging. Its decanter (call it the bottle) is delicately dressed in three precious metals (platinum, silver, and 24-karat gold), Clase Azul Ultra enlists only the most highly skilled artisans to hand paint these incredible vessels practically blind since the metallic paint that is applied can only be seen after the decanter has been fired. Their master artisans paint the platinum-feather design from memory and completely freehand. The mastering of this technique can take years to perfect. Only 100 bottles of this Tequila are made each year.

So, in light of the above, it is where the mis-conceptualized rumor spread like wildfire and almost impacted Azul's market in famous Nigerian and Ugandan night spots. So, dear Ugandans and Nigerians, no need to freak out. But more Azul Tequila please since what you have already been taking is genuine. It is just not the super-premium Azul tequila you all thought were taking. The 100 bottles talked of only apply to Clase Azul Ultra, not the usual Azul you have been taking. In 2016, Clase Azul sold 234,000 bottles of Azul Tequila. Does that amount to 100 bottles manufactured each year? Definitely not! This is because whereas the Ultra series is limited to only 100 bottles per year, the rest of the Azul series are available in plenty for you and they range from roughly 150 dollars to 600 dollars per bottle.

The most common Azul on Market (Azul Reposado)

So, dear Ugandans and Nigerians, you are misinformed about the entire Azul thing and its 100 bottles. I hope that this clarification puts your hearts at rest. The usual dons whose names are displayed in bars for buying Azul should not lose heart. The Azul is genuine. Maybe just overly priced above and beyond but that is a story for another day. For now, enjoy the Clase Azul Tequila series at your disposal in Africa. Also, no bar owner should confuse you that they have the Clase Azul Ultra series. That particular one will definitely be a fake. But for the rest of the series, please enjoy them. They are yours to drink and flash around.

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